Colberg Project List

Working with us:

At Colberg Commercial Construction we take the time to understand not only the designs of the project, but of the needs of the occupant. From pouring the foundation to the final fit and finish of the trim we make sure that everything is done right, and done right the first time.


We monitor all aspects of your project to finish on deadline and within budget. We are sensitive to all change orders and will work with our clients to complete their vision and deliver a space that has integrated services and exceed current building standards.

Our Projects:

  • Eugene Employment Department Tenant Improvement
  • Bend Employment Department Remodel
  • City of Coburg Park Improvement
  • City of Creswell Library structural renovation
  • City of Eugene:
    • Amazon Ball Field Lighting and Restrooms
    • Atrium Remodel
    • Atrium Accessibility Restroom Remodel
    • Facilities Maintenance Building #4 structural repairs
    • Eugene Police Department Remodel
    • Facilities Maintenance Office Exterior Preservation
    • Facilities Maintenance Gate Operators Project
    • HIV Alliance Addition
    • Lane Arts Remodel
    • City Library Remodel
    • Parking Administration Remodel
    • Eugene Police Department Locker Room Remodel
    • Shasta Ball Field Renovation
  • 4-J School District:
  • Holt Elementary Repairs
  • Hillside Elementary Renovations
  • Birth to Three Remodel
  • Goodwill Industries Drive Through Canopy
  • Housing and Community Services:
  • 14 Pines Renovation
  • Camas Community Room
  • Pengra Apartments Renovation
  • Walnut Park Renovation
  • Lane Community College 4th Floor Remodel – doors and exit devices
  • Looking Glass Addition
  • McKenzie Fire & Rescue #2 Addition and Remodel
  • Santa Clara Church Door Replacement Project
  • Wesley Methodist Church Renovations


  • Allstate Insurance
  • FairPoint Communications
  • Radiant You
  • Truck 'n Travel:
    • Canopy Repair
    • Restroom Remodel
    • Office Remodel
    • Motel-Lottery Remodel
    • Restaurant Remodel
    • Trucker's Lounge Remodel
    • Exterior Restaurant Remodel
  • 14th Street Student Housing
  • 15th Street Student Housing
  • Agerter Apartments
  • Anderson Apartment Renovation
  • Asian Grocery Store
  • Full Access Elevator Addition
  • Jefferson Boarding House Renovation
  • Applied ScientificInstrumentation
  • Barnhart Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Burrito Amigos
  • Togos